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The Folk Museum Exhibition

The exhibition in the northern part of the Storhamar barn shows a selection of the objects that are typical for Hedmark cultural history from the 1600s until the present time. The artifacts in this exhibition tell the story of the traditional cultivation of grain, agricultural processing, trade and transport, hand craft and folk art, hunting and fishing. Central to the exhibition is the large thresher and spirits unit. The exhibition is designed by architect Sverre Fehn.

  • Ols, traditional plough.
    Old plough
  • Old bottle.
    Old bottle
  • Sverre fehn's exhibiton of old sleighs in Storhamarlåven.
    Sleighs Anno Domkirkeoddens fotoarkiv
  • Farm destilleri with large copper pots.
    Farm destilleri Anno Domkirkeoddens fotoarkiv
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