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Summer experiences 2023

During summer season, there are several guided tours and other experiences included in your daily entrance ticket.

May and June

  • Anno Domkirkeoddens fotoarkiv

Visit the medieval exhibitions including our lapidarium, explore the ruins of the bishops' fortess and medieval cathedral, experience the colours and smells in the Herb Garden, take a closer look at the architecture of Sverre Fehn and learn about Norwegian traditional life in this region in the open air museum and in the north wing of Storhamarlåven.
15:00 Musical Tour in the glass cathedral

  • Jan Haug / Anno Domkirkeodden

June 10-11 there will be medieval shows as replacement of Hamar Medieval Festival. Program and details will be presented on the festival's own website.

June 19 - August 13

  • Anno Domkirkeoddens fotoarkiv

Guided tours included in the entrance fee:

11:30 Medieval Tour

12:30 Herb Garden Tour

13:30 Folk Museum Tour | Thursdays: Architecture Tour

14:30 Mythical Tour for children of all ages

15:00 Musical Tour in the Glass Cathedral

  • 1/12
    Anno Domkirkeodden
  • 2/12
    Ali Suliman / Anno - Museene i Hedmark
  • 3/12
    Anno Domkirkeodden
  • 4/12
    Anno - museene i Hedmark / Ali Suliman
  • 5/12
    Anno Domkirkeoddens fotoarkiv
  • 6/12
    Anno Domkirkeodden
  • 7/12
    Ali Suliman / Anno Museum
  • 8/12
    Anno Domkirkeodden / Linda Fredriksberg
  • 9/12
    Anno - museene i Hedmark / Ali Suliman
  • 10/12
    Geir Ove Andreassen / Anno Domkirkeodden
  • 11/12
    Geir Ove Andreassen / Anno Domkirkeodden
  • 12/12
    Anno Domkirkeodden

August 14-27 and September 2+3/ 9+10

15:00 Musical Tour included in the entrance fee.

There will also be concerts and other experiences, please keep an eye on our calendar (unfortunately in Norwegian only).