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Musical tour

The people attending a mass in the cathedral in Hamar in the Middle Ages, were met by Gregorian chanting performed by munks. We attempt to give our visitors of today this same breathtaking experience by having musically educated guides including singing and music in their tours.

  • Singing guide, wearing medieval dress, sitting in the medieval ruins at Domirkeodden.
    Anno Domkirkeodden / Geir Ove Andreassen

The history of Domkirkeodden is unique in Norway, and the acoustics inside the glass cathedral is astonishing. Our singing guides manage to combine these two matters in a way that we guarantee will give our visitors a memory for life. Besides Gregorian chanting like in the Middle Ages, the guides perform Norwegian Folk Songs and other tunes suitable to the time and history they talk about.

This experience is part of the museum's program on a daily basis during summer season, and it may also be requested by groups on whichever time they want it throughout the year.

  • A young woman with long, blond hair and a blue Medieval dress is standing and singing in front of an audience in the cathedral ruins.
    Geir Ove Andreassen / Anno Domkirkeoddens fotoarkiv
  • Two young men in Medieval medieval costumes are standing barefoot singing in the medieval cathedral ruins.
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