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Herb Garden Tour

The Herb Garden at Domkirkeodden is one of the biggest of its kind in Norway. Guided tours can be requested all year except during winter, and from mid-June untill mid-August there are scheduled guided tours here every day.

  • Numerous flowers and plants in the Herb garden and Storhamarlåven in the background.
    Anno Domkirkeodden

The exact period of when a guided tour may be requested in the Herb Garden, depends on the weather and nature forces. If the snow stays long or spring is cold, there will not be much happening in the garden before the end of May. But if spring comes early and turns out to be warm and sunny, there will be plants in blossom much earlier. Likewise will a long and warm autumn make it interesting to visit the garden maybe as long as till the end of September.

  • Smiling woman in medieval dress is wishing you welcome to the Herb garden.
    Ellisiv Stifoss-Hanssen

During the Herb Garden Tour you will get to learn the secrets and special stories of a varoius amount of our plants, all depending on which our guide find the most interesting for you at the time of your visit. We ensure you a colourful and fun time which we guarantee will give you some new knowledge.  

To sort out if the Herb Garden Tour is available at the moment of your trip, please give us a call: + 47 62 54 27 00 or send us an e-mail: domkirkeodden@annomuseum.no

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