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Hamar Medieval Festival

The second weekend of June each year the entire area at Domkirkeodden is your time capsule back to the Middel Ages.

Join the old town of Hamarkaupangen as it was in the time of the bishops!

Our vision is to be a festival for the whole family and all the senses. Here you will find activities that the whole family, from the smallest to the oldest, can enjoy together. The aim is to give our guests as authentic an image of Hamar in the Middle Ages as possible. Coming here is like entering another world! Here you can smell, taste, hear, see and touch the Middle Ages. On the market you will find jugglers, musicians, craftsmen and historians in beautiful association.

Take a look at  the homepage of Hamar Medieval Festival to learn about everything you may experience here during this spectacular weekend!

  • The logo of Hamar Medieval Festival is a red banner with name on and a blue silhouette of medieval houses above.
    Hamar Middelalderfestival
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