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Places to eat during your visit

During a day at a museum one will probably need to restore some energy. These are the opportunities for having a meal on the museum grounds.

The Museum Shop

You may buy refreshments like soda, icecream and sweets in the museum shop by the main entrance of the museum.

  • Odden spiseri & catering

Odden Spiseri, the restaurant just inside the main entrance of the museum, is the perfect place to have lunch and dinner when visiting Domkirkeodden. 

Opening hours for the restaurant:
Monday - Wednesday: 11:00 - 17:00
Thursday - Saturday: 12.00 - 23:00
Sunday: 12:00 - 18:00

Please note that the restaurant may be closed due to private gatherings.

Picnic in the park

The museum park is a lovely place for having a picnic. Bring your own basket and sit down to enjoy your favorite meal in the calm and lovely surroundings of the open air museum or along the shores of Lake Mjøsa.

  • Anno Domkirkeodden

There is a total prohibition against the use of portable grills or open fire in the entire museum park due to the fire hazard and the irreplacable historic values here. If you feel like having a barbeque, please use the museum's grill which is placed down by the lake close to the red building. NB! This grill shall not be used on windy days, and you are responsible to see it comletely extinguished before leaving the area.