The Covid-19 virus

We want all our visitors to stay safe and healthy, and we do our best to make this happen. But we need you to help us, so please follow our regulations and advices!

Please make sure that you

  • do not visit if you feel ill
  • ​keep distance to other visitors
  • cough in a napkin or the elbow if you have to
  • maintain good hand hygiene
  • wear a mask whenever social distancing is not possible

We help you stay safe by

  • providing hand disinfection in all spaces open to public
  • keeping the number of visitors limited on all events
  • making sure necessary social distancing is possible ​on all events
  • cleaning all contact surfaces on a reglular basis

If you want more or detailed information you may visit the home page for theNorwegian Institute of Public Health.

  • Habits which help prevent infection (Foto/Photo)
    Norwegian Institute og Public Health