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Architectural Tour

Sverre Fehn has designed the Storhamar barn as a museum building, and the glass catedral is known world wide. This tour may be requested around the year.

We are proud to present several well known architectural projects at Domkirkeodden. Sverre Fehn has designed the Storhamar barn as a museum and also a couple of protective constructions covering some of our ruins. These buildings are known world wide. 

  • Storhamarlåven by Sverre Fehn and ruins of the medieval bishop's fortress.
    Anno Domkirkeoddens fotoarkiv
  • Glulam detail in Storhamarlåven.
  • Roof constructions in glulam and wood, and concrete ramps by Sverre Fehn in Storhamarlåven.
    Anno Domkirkeodden
  • Curved protective construction and a concrete staircase.
    Anno Domkirkeodden
  • Protective construction made from triangular glulam posts.
    Anno Domkirkeoddens fotoarkiv

Furthermore the protective construction of glass and steel covering the catedral ruins from the Middle Ages, "Poetry of Reason" by Kjell Lund, is the heart of the museum and a great place for weddings, concerts and other cultural events. This building has also attrackted great interest in the architectural societies in different parts of the world.

A guided tour among our architectural sites may open your eyes and give new impressions and experiences.

  • The catedral ruins covered by the protective construction in glass and steel surrounded by trees, lawn and summer sky.
    Anno Domkirkeoddens fotoarkiv
  • Massive medieval arches in limestone inside the glass catedral.
    Foto: Domkirkeoddens fotoarkiv
  • Glass cathedral seen from the west looks like a tent.
    Anno Domkirkeoddens fotoarkiv
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