«Anno 2018»

«Anno 2018» is an Arts & Crafts Exhibition where 20 different Norwegian artists show their works which are all inspired by everyday life in the 15th and 16th century.

  • 20180511_165230_resized_1.jpg
    Linda Fredriksberg / Inga Blix: Billedtepper
  • 20180511_165332_resized_1.jpg
    Linda Fredriksberg / Torill Vrålstad: Maisol
  • 20180511_164927_resized_1.jpg
    Linda Fredriksberg / Johannes Vemren Rygh: Arveoppgjør
  • 20180511_165315_resized_1.jpg
    Linda Fredriksberg / Torill Vrålstad: Forest Hearts
  • 20180511_165147_resized_1.jpg
    Linda Fredriksberg / Veronika Svensson Glitsch: Kappeplagg
  • 20180511_165218_resized_1.jpg
    Linda Fredriksberg / Hanne Øverland og Johanne Lund Ness: Og alt fortsetter
  • 20180511_165037_resized_1.jpg
    Linda Fredriksberg / Ingun Kleppan: Krager
  • 20180511_165248_resized_1.jpg
    Linda Fredriksberg / Mona Strand: Octo Stratis
  • 20180511_165022_resized_1.jpg
    Linda Fredriksberg / Elisabeth Thorsen: Bamboot
  • 20180511_165118_resized_1.jpg
    Linda Fredriksberg / Ingun Kleppan: Hekter og halssmykke
  • 20180511_165013_resized_1.jpg
    Linda Fredriksberg / Elisabeth Thorsen og Trude Johansen: Shizaru

The exhibition is situated on the top floor of the southern part of the Storhamar Barn. All works of art may be bought, please contact the museum to get in touch with the artist in question if you are interested in buying any of the items.